Aerial Photography Tips for Your First time Flying Experience

Aerial Photography Tips for Your First time Flying Experience

Most people want to remember their first helicopter flight with photographs that they can have for keepsake. In the air, there are endless possibilities for taking pictures, you can even go for aerial photography with a fleet of aircraft. However, to take pictures from the air requires attention and skills given to the wildlife, landscape and the aircraft. Below are some guidelines for getting perfect pictures.

Choose the right time to fly

The landscape looks completely different in various seasons and weather when undertaking aerial photography with a fleet of aircraft. The most colorful pictures are those taken during Autumn and Spring. They are the best times if you want to capture orange-colored forests or beautiful flower fields. Winter is quite interesting if you have the opportunity to fly around mountainous areas.  Ensure that you choose the best time of the day and check the sun’s position in the sky.

Recommended Equipment

Ensure that you have a bottle of water, map and chamois or microfiber skin cleaning cloth. It is important for you to protect the camera and lenses from any shocks that occur during the flight. Use a UV or protective filter for the lens. You can also use a lens hood. This will prevent the lens from hitting the handle of the window. Always use a strap for your camera because an air pocket can happen any time and this will prevent you from being caught up.

Choose the Correct Optic

When choosing an optic, you should consider the fact that you will have to use the same lens throughout your flight. The movement of the airplane, the confined space and turbulence will not allow you to change lenses during the flight. The choice of your lenses will depend on your preference and whether you want to take panoramic views or close-up pictures.

Check the Windows

Shooting pictures through any window is always affected by unfocused images, reflections and stains. There is nothing bad like having the picture of a breathtaking landscape being spoiled by stains or having an unfocused picture. Be sure to clean both the outside and inside of the windows using cleaning cloth to rid of stains. Avoid reflections on the glass windows by using a UV filter, avoid putting in bright clothes and ensure that you are very close to the window.

Prepare for the Flight

Preparation is important when planning aerial photography with a fleet of aircraft because it will save you lots of time because you will just have a few seconds to get a perfect picture. You should make a list of the areas that you want to shoot like stadiums, castles, lakes, airfields, monuments and much more. It is advisable that you mark these areas on your map. This will help you to guess the flight position from various spots and will help you know the side from which you will shoot.

Be Creative

Getting your eye out of your camera can be difficult sometimes. However, you will discover several spectacular views from the air. Therefore, you should take some time to enjoy the whole picture and the landscape. You will definitely find lots of exciting things to look at and even capture. Be creative in your pictures and watch out for cloud shapes, colors inside the helicopter and on the ground and much more.