5 Tough Questions To Ask When Choosing A Videographer For Your Wedding

5 Tough Questions To Ask When Choosing A Videographer For Your Wedding

Wedding videos have a huge significance in the lifetime of the married couples. Through videos, couples get to relive their big day, rekindle their love and also share beautiful memories with their loved ones. Therefore, it is critical that you take the time to do your research, conduct interviews and make informed considerations before hiring out a videographer since they have only one chance of capturing the wedding.

Online search and digital business directories have made it very easy to find a wedding videographer in whatever location. If you are in Vancouver for example, all you need is search on Google for Vancouver videography and some leads will pop up.


After singling out the most likely candidates to meet your requirements, you will naturally want to make a further assessment and interview before choosing the best candidate.

Here are five crucial questions you need to ask a potential wedding videography service provider

1.   Ask for previous work samples

 Experience is everything in this business; remember you only have one day and one chance to get it right. That is why you need to be sure that you are working with a technically experienced and skillful cinematographer.

Ask to see a demo of a real wedding event they have covered recently. Better yet, ask to see up to 5 demos with a few full-length videos. Professional videographers should be able to have some of their best works in their portfolio.  By reviewing the tapes, you will be able to know their level of skills and have an idea of what to expect.

2.   Ask to read testimonials from previous clients

It is not enough to read rating and reviews online or published testimonials on the videographer’s websites; since some of it may be fabricated. When interviewing a candidate, ask them to provide 3-5 real testimonials with the personal contact information of those clients so you can seek recommendations.

A professional videography Vancouver service provider should be willing to provide contact information for their clients on consent.

3.   What kind of equipment are they using?

Even though you might not have the technical knowledge of accessing the types and quality of equipment, you can easily tell whether they are well equipped to cover your wedding. For instance, a videographer with only one camera and no lighting equipment is not capable of shooting your wedding reception at a significant venue in the evening.

4.   Inquire about the editors and publishers

Does the Vancouver videographer handle everything in-house or do they outsource editing and publishing services? It is crucial you know the publishing team so you can share ideas with them and know when you will get your final product.

5. Find out whether they offer other services

Do they offer same day edits? Can they cover the morning after the wedding? Will they provide some print out photos as well?

In conclusion, these are just some of the questions to ask the candidates to your wedding gig before hiring.

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